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2.03sDon't you think it's time to forget about that boy?
2.8sYeah, Meg, he was a bum anyway. You'll find another fella.
2.3sI could set you up with one of my friends.
4.67sOh, wait, I don't have any friends. I could set you up with Dad.
2.1sDad, would you be interested in dating Meg?
1.23sI certainly would.
1.5sThere, Meg, everything's fine.
2.24sIt's not Michael I'm upset about!
2.17sWell, what is it, then?
1.63sI'm pregnant!
1.43sDad, I swear to God,
1.77sI didn't know that when I set you up with her.
2.1sOh, I can't believe this.
2.87sMy baby's pregnant. How could this happen?
2.57sI don't know, but regardless of how it happened, it happened.
3.27sYou're pregnant, Meg, and there's only one thing to do.