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2.77sI didn't say "Peter." I said "Dad."
2.54sHave you been spying on us the entire time we've been dating?
4.1sMeg, it's only because I wanna make sure this guy treats you right and doesn't try anything funny.
2.24sMeg, this is more than I can deal with.
3.04sIf your father is this opposed to our relationship,
1.37sI don't see how it can work out.
2sBut, Michael... I'm sorry, Meg.
3.54sI promise I won't forget you.
1.43sSee, look, Meg. He just walked out on you.
2.94sHe's a bad man, like Jodie Foster.
4.6s(DOOR SLAMS) Oh, no, Jodie. It's my husband. He's home from work early.
2.5s(IN MALE VOICE) Don't worry, baby. He had to find out sometime.
3.4sAll right, Brian, I'm gonna go up to the upper level and run this wire down through the wall.
1.87sGrab your walkie. I'll call you when I get up there.
2.24s- STEWIE: Brian, pick up. Over. - What?
2.44sBrian, please say "over" when you finish talking. Over.
1.4sWhat? Over.
1.6sDo you see the wire yet? Over.