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1.77sMorning, Brian. Here, put this on.
1.07sHow long have you been here?
1.63s7:00 a.m. All right, here's your hammer,
1.93shere's your walkie, and here's your stud-finder.
5.3s(IMITATES BEEPING) Oh, well, it's working. All right, joke time is over.
2.07sWork time has begun.
1.57sYou get started with this drywall,
2.27sand I'm gonna start pulling out those old floorboards in the kitchen.
2.03sHey, Brian. Knock, knock.
1.1sWho's there?
2.17s(WHISPERING) Two friends building a house together.
4.34sHey, Meg, I got you something for our three-week anniversary.
2.3sWow, a Maroon 5 CD.
2.94sYeah, I remember how you told me you liked terrible music,
1.23sso I thought you might appreciate it.
2.03sYou're so thoughtful!
2.27sWhat the hell? What's wrong?
2.1sUh... Meg, I'm not sure,
2.9sbut I think your dad is sitting at that table over there.
1.33sWhat? Where?
1.93sWell, I can't tell if it's him.