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3.1sI just want you to know, Meg, if there's anything you ever want,
1.2sall you gotta do is ask.
2.8sReally? Well, there kind of is one thing.
2.67s(DOORBELL RINGS) (GASPS) There he is now!
1.37sHey, Meg. You ready to go?
3.9sDad, you remember Michael Milano from the hospital. He's my date.
1.7sSay, Michael, can you do me a favor?
1.64sYou see that fire extinguisher there?
2.54sStay away from my daughter, you possible rapist!
2.07sDad, stop it! Michael's my date!
2.94sMeg, I almost lost you once, I'm not gonna lose you again!
1.87sThis guy may look harmless on the outside,
2.07sbut on the inside he could be a complete bastard,
1.67slike Fred Flintstone.
2.57sSo, why exactly do you want this separation?
3.7sWell, Mr. Stoneberg, in a nutshell, the cat put me outside.
3.6sI was banging on the door for like 20 minutes, shouting, "Wilma."