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3.27sSays it's a smart investment. But what does he know? He's only Jewish.
1.3s- All right, I'm in. - Perfect!
3.24sBy Christmas, you and I are gonna be richer than Bob Saget.
0.17sSo you wanna grab something to eat?
2.03s- You ever ride in a limo? - No.
2.83sWell, how about Full House buys you a ride in a limo,
3.34sand America's Funniest Home Videos buys you a shrimp cocktail?
2.17sGet lost.
1.53sIf I give you $5,000, will you tell me I matter?
2.4sOh, there's my little angel!
1.6sHere, let me get that for you, sweetie!
2.03sThanks, Dad.
1.37sWow, Peter, I gotta say,
2.67syou've really been true to your word about treating Meg better.
2.64sShe's my only daughter, Lois. She needs to be protected,
4.37slike a rare gemstone or the herniated scrotum of an older gentleman.