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2.37sThanks, Andy. I had a great time, too.
3.1sHey. How about some love for shoulder guy over here?
1.7sShoulder guy wants to get in on this.
1.07sJust ignore him.
2.4sSo, do you maybe want to go in the other room?
1.5sSure. Sounds good.
2.37sAnd shoulder guy's going with you.
1.23sRick, shut up!
1.3sHey, bitch, wanna suck on my tooth?
2.7sMr. and Mrs. Griffin, I'm afraid your coma's in a daughter.
3.14s(LAUGHS) I mean your daughter's in a coma.
3.04sOh, my God, did you... Did you hear what I said?
2.14sBrain freeze!
3.67sOh, my God. That one is going in the Christmas letter.
1.63sOh, my God, Peter.
1.67sWhat if she doesn't come out of it?
1.57sI know, Lois.
2.9sI never realized until now how much I've taken her for granted.
1.6sI mean, she's my only daughter,
3.37sand I feel like I've never treated her as well as I should have.
1.43sHey, Meg, you got something on your shirt.
2.07sHi, Dad.