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1.27sWe just think you'll be safer.
2.4sBut my house is dry. Here's a blanket.
2.64sIf you're looking for a bathroom, it's all around you.
2.03sOh! Crap, Peter, it's a flash flood!
3.07sOh, man, I better save my autographed picture of Dean Cain.
2.57sYou know, from before he got all desperate for attention.
1.77sHey, is that Dean Cain on that park bench?
2sOh, God.
3.44sPETER: Lois, you may wanna come down here!
1.6s(GASPS) Oh, my God!
1.43sI know, about the water, right?
1.7sWow, cool.
1.67sHey, Chris, come here. What? Why?
2sJust come here. What is it, Dad?
3.4sDoes it feel like the water suddenly just got warmer?
1.27sNo. Oh, that's right.
1.8sIt's pee that makes it warmer.
1.5sPeter, the water's rising fast!
1.4sWe gotta get outta here!
1.4sHang on, Lois. There's a case of beer in the fridge.