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1sDad, you know my name.
6.21s(EXCLAIMS) It's Officer Nasty. Careful, I might be carrying a concealed weapon.
1.57sHello. Hi. Name, please?
2.4s- Neil Goldman. - Goldman, Goldman.
1.37sSorry, no Neil Goldman.
3.14sOh, I beg your pardon, I meant to say Chris Griffin.
2.07sGriffin, Griffin. Here it is.
1.67sSays you're supposed to be an usher.
1.9s- Well, you'll need this. - Name, please?
2.23sChris Griffin. Griffin, Griffin.
2.97sI'm sorry, sir. Chris Griffin has already checked in.
2.17sWell, that's impossible!
3.14s(SOBBING) Meg, are you ready?
2sSweetie, what's wrong?
3sMom, I can't do it. I can't get married.
2.04sWhat? Well, why not?