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1.93sYou know, there are other options.
2.24sMom, I'm not getting an abortion!
2.34sWell, I'm not saying an abortion per se,
2.63sbut maybe you just drink and smoke a lot.
2.6sJust don't start doing it and then chicken out halfway through the pregnancy,
1.87sbecause then you wind up with Chris.
1.4sWell, Lois, I got the cake.
2.73sOh, and they were all out of the bride and groom figurines,
5.3sso I got the Iron Giant and a courtroom doll that kids use to show where the molester touched them.
2.57sAll right, Meg, enjoy your bachelorette party.
4.17sI am outta here, 'cause I don't need to see what you crazy girls are gonna do while I'm gone,
2.87sbut just remember this is a residence and should be treated as such.
1.23sAnd if you girls drink anything,
1.93sthere's recycling under the sink in the kitchen.
1.5sOkay, have fun.
2.4sSo, what are we supposed to do?