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1.63sthere's some ambiguity there.
4.67sYe gods! What manner of beef-witted popinjay am I?
2.14sWell, there's a couple ways to answer that.
2.03sThe scales have dropped from my eyes.
2sI'm not the greatest actor ever.
2.3sI'm a talentless buffoon!
1.52sAnd it's all your fault!
2.3sWhy did you drag me back to this mortal realm?
3.52sI was enjoying a happy death, thinking I had died a star,
1.62suntil you showed up.
1.82sSorry. Let us make it up to you.
1.8sHow about we kill you again?
4.34sNever. I'd be dead for all eternity knowing everyone thinks I'm a washed-up ham.
3.17sAnd not the kind you hope for when you're stranded on a desert island.
1.52sMy life is ruined.
3.1sWell, just do a dramatic pause. That always cheers you up.
1.1sNever again.
2.72sI'll never pause again.
1.97sCalculon? Yes?
2.94sAre you done talking, or is this a long pause?
1.3sI'm done talking.
1.22sOkay, that's what I thought.