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3.1sNothing to do now but wait for the reviews to come in.
2.64sPapers! Papers for sale!
2.27sWe'll take one of each.
2.64sOh, yeah, I get a good feeling about these.
2.33s"Worst play in history."
3.44s"Calculon dies for second time."
3.37s"Theater to be demolished to remove stink of new show."
2.74s"Twelve hospitalized for boredom at play."
2.7sIt says nine of them are gonna be okay.
3.85sSo they really didn't like it. They hated my acting.
2.62sNot entirely. I mean, "Worst play in history,"
1.63sthere's some ambiguity there.
4.67sYe gods! What manner of beef-witted popinjay am I?
2.14sWell, there's a couple ways to answer that.