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3.84sDon't get discouraged, there's no shame in being replaced by Robert Wagner.
4.34sI would be discouraged were I an ordinary acting unit!
7.34sBut for me, 'tis an opportunity to prove anew that I am the greatest actor who ever trod the boards!
0.63sAll right!
3.57sOr I circled jobs in the classifieds you might be good at.
2.24sAssembling machinery pays well.
1.69sI'll have to start at the bottom.
1.22sBut Fox already said no.
1.97sI mean live theater!
2.7sI wrote this one-man show years ago, but I...
1.94sI never cared enough to perform it.
2.14sUntil now.
7.47sThis is going to be the greatest career resurrection since Jesus, Aloha from Hawaii.