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3.2s(BOTH GRUNTING) Ah! These guys.
3.02sThat's right, Robot Devil, and we've come to reclaim a soul.
1.13sA what?
2.65sYou know, the disembodied software, whatever.
1.6sThen the answer is no.
3.47sOnce a robot comes here, he's mine for all eternity.
1.45sNow hit the bricks.
3.34s(SIGHS) You heard him, Bender. Calculon's gone forever.
1.37sWait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
1.63sDid you say Calculon?
3.37s(CHUCKLES) Perhaps we can make a deal of some sort.
5.94s(LAUGHS) Hark! Is it possible the hour of mine deliverance is nigh?
2.6sWill you stop hamming it up for one second?
2.04sThey can't see or hear you.
1.17sTheir loss.
1.63sI propose a competition.
3.47sIf I win, we get Calculon. If I lose, you kill us.
1.97sFine, whatever.
5.47sFor Calculon's immortal soul, guess the number I'm thinking of.
0.52sIt's between one and three.