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2.8sNow what are we supposed to do at the office instead of work?
1.22sHow about talking to each other?
2.2sThat's what bath time is for.
3.54sIf we talk to each other any more than that, it'll ruin our friendship.
3.47sOh! If only we could bring Calculon back to life somehow.
1.93sYou can. What?
2.14sIt's simple, you simpletons.
5.2sCalculon is a robot, a mere mechanism that can easily be restored to working order.
3.57sThe only problem is we would need his physical remains.
1.84sHang on a sec.
8.49s(SCATTING) This must be a difficult time for people who confuse TV actors with actual friends.
5.34sDear God! What is he doing? (MAN SCREAMING) No! Somebody stop him!
2.43sHere's corpsey!
4.4sExcellent. Now restarting him is just a simple matter of science.
1.4sWhat do we do?
1.72sWell, since Calculon killed himself,
2.47shis disembodied software is in limbo,