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2.74sif I weren't the legendary Calculon,
2.67sthe greatest acting unit of all time!
3.59sThis show is about me! And it always has been!
7.11sNow, find the co-executive hack who wrote this drivel and tell him I want 37 more climactic speeches by lunch!
2.77sCut! That was terrible!
1.3sJust stick to the script.
1.97sAnd if you don't get it on the second take, you're fired.
1.27sLet's take five, people.
2.74s(BELL RINGS) Second take?
2.03sI've never heard that phrase, what does that mean?
1.8sThey want you to do it again.
1.6sYou'll do great. Just remember,
2.5syou're getting devastating news, so act more humble.
2.24sDon't tell me how to do humble!
4.57sMy humble ranks among the greatest in the history of the universe!