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3.85sBehold gravity in all its glory!
1.65sPretty lame, Milhouse.
2.55sCan I touch it? I've worked too long and hard on this...
2.2sfor you to screw it up now.
2.82sBut it's got my name on it. just stand over there.
2.17sOver there!
3.12sBehold the flying machine that will carry me,
4.94sPhileas Fogg, around the world in 80 days.
2.84sDang! I was aimin' for his head.
2.37sDon't think about beer.
3.05sHmm? Alcohol-fueled car?
2.77sOne for you, one for me.
2.57sOne for you, one for me.
3.07sI don't know if I like you experimenting on your brother.
2.13sPlease, Mother.
2.49sIt's purely in the interest of science.