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2.72sThis is kinda fun. Whee!
2.9sWhee! Ow!
2.32sUh, yeah, Mrs. Simpson, I have some bad news.
2.6sYour husband was found D.O.A.
0.38sOh, my God! He's dead?
2.82sOh, wait. I mean D.W.I.
3.8sI always get those two mixed up.
4.2sMy name's Mrs. Phillips. You said my husband is D.W.I.
4.17sUh-- Why don't you talk to that officer over there?
1.8sI'm goin' out to lunch.
4.37sDon't worry, Homer. I have a foolproof strategy to get you out of here.
4sSurprise witnesses-- each more surprising than the last.
2.2sI tell you-- the judge won't know what hit him.