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2.3sfrom the early 1950s.
2.88sOnly Duff fills your "Q" zone...
2.7swith pure beer goodness.
3.25sSo drink up... and up... and up!
3.44sDuff Beer! Proud sponsors of Amos 'N' Andy.
2.12sHeh. We're proud of all of our Duff commercials,
3.49sbut here's a very special one from 1960.
3.35sWell, I would suggest, Mr. Vanocur, that, uh,
4.05sif you knew the president, uh, that that was probably just a facetious remark.
2.69sAnd now a word from our sponsor.
1.73sI would like to take this opportunity...
2.52sto express my fondness for Duff beer.
4.32sI'd, uh, also like to express my fondness for that particular beer.
2.1sThe man never drank a Duff in his life.
2.92sWell, and here we have Duff, Duff Lite...
2.59sand our newest flavor-- Duff Dry.