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3.57sOh, I just love the bow. I wonder what it is.
3.47sYes, I wonder what we got you.
3.89sIt's a basket! F-For picnics?
4.89sIt means a lot to me. It's the basket my parents left me in at the orphanarium.
0.31sYou could use it for picnics.
3.48sHere, Amy. We get this one for you.
3.57sOh! Is it a new party board?
3.55sIt's a board, all right-- an ironing board.
3.99sWe had your old party board converted now that you not be partying anymore.
2.7sYOu-- You trashed my party board?
2.9sDamn right. Now you a mom, the only surfing you do...
2.67sis under a big wave of responsibility.
3.64sOh, this is the happiest moment of my life.
3.84sYou all brought such wonderful gifts, but the greatest gift--
3.71sis the bond I share with my Smizmarr, Amy.
3.04sFor soon, the quivering mass of life within me...
2.1swill depend upon us both.
3.5sEven now, I can sense it feeding, squirming,