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3.12sRealize, you know, my face was stuck in a pizza.
3.1sMom, Dad, I know this is weird, but--
2.77sYeah, yeah. We don't care how squishy alien get pregnant.
2.14sAll we care is we have grandchild now.
2.1sYou're very open-minded, Mrs. Wong.
4.05sHey, you call her "Grandma" now. Call me Grandma like crazy-- all the time.
2sCheck it out, y'all.
2sEveryone we invited is here.
0.76sAlso Zoidberg.
0.61sSo let's open the gifts.
2.65sWait. We'll start with this one from Bender.
0.41sIt's my booties from when I was a kid.
3.53sUh, they're already bronzed.
0.66sThey are bronze.
3.26sAnd this one's from Leela.
3.57sOh, I just love the bow. I wonder what it is.
3.47sYes, I wonder what we got you.