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2.4sAnother hour, and I would've thought about hanging up.
0.48sWhy didn't you just leave a message, sweetie?
2.56sWell, um,
4.85sI've left hundreds of messages with your answering machine, but you never seem to get them.
1.87sIt's not my fault if you don't check me.
4.54sMessages erased.
4.52sOh, dearest, this long-distance relationship is too much to bear.
3.4sWhen even an inch separates us, I quiver with misery,
3.94sso you can imagine how I feel when it's a billion light-years.
3.16sKif, don't cry, or you'll get a tummy ache.
3.72sLieutenant, some things came off me and clogged the drain, so if you could--
3.25sOh, ho! What's this?
2.75sWell, well, well.
4.3sDo my eyes believe me, or is that my bosomy swan, Leela?
3.44sSay again? You're breaking up.
1.61sGood news, everyone.