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4.32sLeela must have impregnated me when she grabbed my ungloved hand.
3.89sThat explains the poster in hygiene class: "No glove, no love."
2.95sWow. This is all so confusing.
5.62sLeela, how could you? Our love has had to endure your constant hatred and now this?
4.44sStop testing our love! Oh, please, Captain.
4.04sI thank Leela for the D.N.A. she gave me, but in my species,
3.9sthe true parent is the one who inspired the initial feeling of love.
3.29sWe call that person the "Smizmarr,"
2.72sand my Smizmarr is Amy.
3.05sSo the toilet seat is like the uncle or something?
0.66sSorry I got your boyfriend pregnant.