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2.74sOh, joy!
3sAmy, isn't it wonderful? I'm pregnant!
3.8sYes, it's great-- a great miracle.
3.54sAnd not one of those bogus, everyday miracles, like a sunrise.
2.17sAren't you a male? Yeah. What's the deal?
3.84sjust when I thought I'd figured out you biological creatures, it's somethin' else!
2.92sLet me at 'im! Get over here, Kif!
4.17sLook. I'm sure we're all a little unclear...
3.5son how anyone gets pregnant, so, Kif, pray explain.
2.75sAnd don't spare the dirty words where appropriate.
2.2sWell, it's quite simple, really.
3.44sWhen one of my species experiences deep feelings of love,
2.75swe enter a so-called "receptive state."
2.5sYou disgust me. Go on.
3.84sAt that point, our skin becomes a semipermeable membrane...
3.25swhich allows the passage of genetic material.
3.05sI held Amy's hand, and voilÀ.