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2.49sIt sure is! Fonzie be praised!
3.49sAll right, Dad. Two days ago, this was an old barn.
3.44sAnd now, thanks to you, it's an old barn with a sign on it.
3.73sAll things are possible through the Lord God, Arthur Fonzarelli, Son.
2.56s- So, you're really going through with this? - Absolutely.
2.2sYou know this place only cost me $100?
2.76sThat's a better deal than that Aaron Neville megaphone I bought.
3.96sOkay, I wanna thank you guys for making me Activity Director for the day.
1.97sOkay, first of all, can...
2.56sWhat the hell? What the hell's wrong with this thing?
2.37sOkay, we're about to start the...
3.37sPeter, it's not a good idea to be putting these flyers all over town.
1.59sPeople are gonna think you're crazy.
1.93sHey, how'd you like to lose a bunch of teeth?
2.8sI'm sorry, Lois, that was way more than what was called for,
2.26sbut that's what happens when you challenge someone's faith.
4.63sOh, Peter, I know this is important to you, but I don't wanna see you humiliated.