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3.13sYou've known him all along, Son. Now worship him!
1.97sOh, my God! Dad's right!
4.4sThere is only one person and it's time for him to be properly worshipped.
2.49sI, Peter Griffin, hereby establish
2.7sthe First United Church of the Fonz.
3.06sFonzie, if this be your will, give me a sign.
3.23sHi, I'm Lindsay Lohan. This is how a crab walks.
2.49sIt sure is! Fonzie be praised!
3.49sAll right, Dad. Two days ago, this was an old barn.
3.44sAnd now, thanks to you, it's an old barn with a sign on it.
3.73sAll things are possible through the Lord God, Arthur Fonzarelli, Son.
2.56s- So, you're really going through with this? - Absolutely.
2.2sYou know this place only cost me $100?