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2.9sPeter, your father won't let up about Stewie getting baptized.
3.46sI am sick of him always trying to force his religious views on us.
2.06sAll right, I'll talk to him, Lois, but, you know,
2.9swhen my father wants something, it's like sex with Kobe Bryant.
3.94sYou can kick and scream all you want, but it's gonna happen.
1.07sDad, what are you doing?
1.63sThere's no cross in here.
1.76sEvery kitchen needs a crucifix.
2.99sOh, yes. Nothing says, "Eat up." like a bleeding, half-naked Jew
1.06snailed to a piece of wood.
2.37sListen, Dad, I gotta talk to you.
4.53sLois was wondering if maybe you could, I don't know, ease up on the whole,
3.44syou know, Jesus-ay Christ-ay, if you catch my drift.
1.8sYou're a lapsed Catholic, Peter.
3.49sYour wife's a Protestant whore and your baby isn't even baptized.
2.47sAll right, look, Dad, I don't want you to hate me, all right?
1.3sSo I'll make a deal with you.
3.99sIf we get Stewie baptized, you and all other old people have to acknowledge