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3.9sOh, and if you could go ahead and sit at the kids' table,
1.47sthat'd be great.
3.49sI'm just saying, '70s boobs were different. I don't know.
2.59sYou know, it wouldn't kill you to contribute to the conversation.
4.3sDad, tell us about World War I and how America defeated Kaiser Permanente.
2.76sLois, when are you going to get that baby baptized?
1.7sOh, God, not this again.
2.49sFrancis, why the hell is this always an issue with you?
4.53sBecause I love this family and I don't want my grandson to burn in hell.
4.94sI love you, Grandpa. Your toenails are the same color as my school bus.
2.94sYou really think that splashing magic water on Stewie
1.06swill keep him out of hell?
2.87sWatch that kind of talk or you'll get your heathen head smacked.
1.02sOh, that's very Christian.
2.2s- "Believe what I say or I'll hurt you." - Now you're getting it.
1.13sPeter, we have a problem.