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2.16s- Dennis Rodman. - Dennis Rodman, right. Right, yeah.
1.3sRodman? My God!
1.52sI think he lost all his money, didn't he?
2.63sRodman lost? You sure you're not thinking of MC Hammer?
3.56sNo, no, I think... Well, him, too. I read somewhere, I think it was in like,
1.23slike Stuff, or is it...
3.49sNo, no, no. You know what, it was on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.
2.43sAnd they said that he's in the poorhouse now, yeah.
1.06sYou think she'd do him now?
2.59sWhat, would Madonna do Rodman now?
1.76sOh, yeah, no, 'cause it's not about the money.
1.09sIt's about pissing off Daddy.
1.59sThat's right. She's got a lot of problems.
1.76s- Lot of problems. - Yeah, we are smarter.
4.06s- We are smarter than Madonna. - Oh, no question.
2.13sWell, I should probably get out of these robes.
3.94s- Oh, look at you. You're all better. - That's right, Brian. And you are toast.
2.16sI'm gonna get in the gym, get my lats back
3.66sand then me and my friends from Cobra Kai are gonna take you down, man.
2.97sListen, sorry I had to rain on your parade, Peter.