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2.73sLet us pause to reflect on the sacred mystery
2.2sof Richie's elder brother, Chuck,
3.56swho ascended the stairs with his basketball in Season One
1.73sand never came down again.
1.66sThere's just one problem, Peter.
2.99sWhen a religion gets too powerful, it's bound to have imitators.
1.37sWhat are you talking about?
2.43sHi. I'm Sherman Hemsley and I've just established
1.63sthe Church of George Jefferson.
1.93sWho wants to move on up?
1.19sHi, I'm Gavin MacLeod
2.33sand I've just established the Church of Captain Stubing.
1.19sWho wants to come onboard?
1.43sHi, I'm Kirk Cameron.
2.94sOh, great. You here to convert people to the Church of Mike Seaver?
2.87sNo, I'm here to convert people to Christianity.
2.16sWell, he was on Growing Pains.
2.09sI can't believe it. Everybody's gone.
2.43sWell, people like that are always looking for the next voice
1.13sto tell them what to do.
2.63sAnd here I was, thinking I was making a difference.