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2.17sMy God, Joe is running us ragged.
5.44sYeah, I haven't been this exhausted since I had that job as Jackee Harry's personal grocery shopper.
2.1sA pallet? Am I reading this right?
3.37sYou need "a pallet of chocolate-covered pretzels"?
1.67sWhere the hell am I supposed to...
3.07s(STUTTERING) And what is this? "A drum of grape jam"?
1.47sIs that... What is that...
2.57sIs that, like, a drum, like, they ship oil in? Is that...
3.67sAnd look at this one, "A desk of Cheez-Its."
3.07sA desk? Where were you getting these units of measurement from?
2.44s(LAUGHING) That is still funny.
2.64sOkay. You stay right here, big funny gal.
3.87sI'll be right back with "a hammock of cake."
4.04sYeah, Dave Matthews Live. I'll burn you a copy. Stay cool.
1.8sHey, Joe, what you got there?
1.47sMountain bike.
2.6sJoe, I don't know. I'm still chafed from that power walk.
3.54sBoth of my inner thighs look like those big cherry Swedish Fish.
3.47sDon't worry. I'm not taking you pansies. I'm taking my new friends.