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2.2sAll right, we're gonna do it once more.
4.77s(ALL GROANING) And this time, no mistakes. One, two, three, four.
2.77sALL: Good morning, good morning
1.7sIt's great to stay up late
3.04sGood morning, good morning to you
4.17sWhen the band began to play, the stars were shining bright
2.24sBut now the milkman's on his way
1.8sIt's too late to say goodnight
1.57s(SHOUTING) So say good morning
1.23s(YELPS) Good morning
2.07sSunbeams will soon smile through
8.11sGood morning, good morning to you Nothing could be grander than to be in Louisiana In the morning, in the... Oh, I'm sorry, I thought we were still going.
2.17sMy God, Joe is running us ragged.
5.44sYeah, I haven't been this exhausted since I had that job as Jackee Harry's personal grocery shopper.