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3.54sOh, hey, nice T-shirt. "Phresh", and it's spelled with a "P-H".
3.24sOh, that's fun, 'cause it's usually spelled with an "F".
2.2sYeah. Oh, and you got a little tear on your pants, there.
1.83sOh, that's on purpose, though, isn't it?
3.77sYeah. Yeah, you're a bad boy. You're a bad boy.
2.24sSociety wants your pants to be intact,
2.3sbut you're just not gonna listen, are you?
3.34sMy God, this is ridiculous. I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to kill you.
1.9sAll right, one more pre-party drink,
1.3sand then we'll head off to The Clam.
1.73sIt's cheaper to drink at your house first.
3.87s(MEN CHEERING) Boy, they sure are making a lot of noise out there.
4.24sThose idiots have done nothing but hang out in that stupid shed for the last two days.
1.8sWe should crash that party.
1.8sHey, you know what? Bernice is right.
2.1sThey're always trying to get away from us.