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2.44sI was walking by your house the other day,
3.87sand I poked my head in the window, and Betty was undressing.
2.33sNow, she saw me there, but she didn't stop.
1.67sWhat? She didn't stop.
4.1sI mean, she saw me there, looking at her, and she kept undressing.
1.5sWhoa, whoa, whoa. Are you serious?
3.04sYeah. I got an erection.
1.87sI've got a headache. Do you have any Anacin?
1.7sAny what? "Anacin"?
1sYeah, Anacin.
1.5sDo they even make Anacin anymore?
1.3sYeah, it's still around. Why?
2.6sNo, it just seems like sort of a '70s medication.
1.4sSo you don't have any Anacin?
2.1sGod, you're more worthless than Colin Farrell.
3.97sSo, you got the wool cap on, huh? Yeah.
2.63sYeah, I guess. You know, whatever. It's 96 degrees out.