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1.1sI think, still, yes.
1.6sThank you, Peter.
2.3sAll right, here's another one. Who would you rather have sex with?
4.04sA very pregnant Gina Gershon, or Jenny McCarthy after a car accident?
1.33sOh, hey, hang on, hang on.
1.9sLook, you know, I know this is a men's club,
2.44sbut why does it always have to be about sex?
2.17sOkay, look, how about this? How about this?
2.37sWho would you rather start a small business with?
3.94sJanet Reno, after a safari, or the fat guy from My Name is Earl.
1.23sThat still sounds like a sex question.
1.5sIt is not.
1.33sWell, then what the hell does "safari" have to do with it?
2.14sWhat's the guy from Earl's credit rating?
1.03sSix fifty-one.
1.87sThat's not bad. Better than mine.
3.44sDoes he have an idea, or do I have to come up with it myself?
2.2sHe's got an idea, but it's not quite there.
1.5sI'd have to give it to Janet Reno,
3.54s'cause I've always had this business plan for home delivery of prescription medications,