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1.47sOh, The Phillies won.
1.67sYou're gonna have a baby brother, buddy.
1.1sOr sister.
1.67sOh, A new baby. That's wonderful.
1.62sCall me when Kojak starts.
1.2sAnother baby?
1.57sBut--But, I'm the baby.
2.1sWhy the deuce would they want to replace me?
1.33sMy--My cheeks are pinchable.
1.03sMy bottom is smooth.
1.8sMy laugh is heartwarming.
0.9sWhat's that?
1.5sI certainly am not overreacting!
1.9sWhat the devil do you think happened to Bobby,
2.33swhen they added Cousin Oliver to The Brady Bunch?
1.63sOliver, did you break this vase?
1.57sNo. The floor did.
1.37sHe's so cute.
0.97sHey, everybody. I--
1.6sBobby, you get back in the garage!
1.02sOw! Ahh!
1.35sAhh! Ow!
1.18sIt can't happen!
1.92sI was here first! Well, Technically, 3rd,
1.5sbut no time for semantics.
0.97sThis is Stewie Country,
1.8sand I intend to keep it that way!
1.12sAs God is my witness,
1.57sfrom this day forward,
2.57sPeter and Lois shall not conceive!