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2.24sWhy haven't you sent for help?
2.6sI can't believe you guys want to have another kid!
1.9sPeter, Did you find Chris and Meg's baby books?
1.75sAh, Not yet. Hey, Look at this, Lois.
1.53sIt's our pet rock.
2.6sAh, I remember the first day we brought it home.
1sSee that? Huh?
1.87sHuh? Bad rock.
2.1sWe do that outside!
2.27sLook at him. He knows what he did.
2.35sI found my baby book!
3.37sHey, Here's the broken condom that led to my birth.
2.47sAnd, The resulting lawsuit bought us this house.
2.77sYou're my favorite mistake.
2.25sYou see, Meg? I'm the favorite!
1sAh, Baby books.
3.19sNostalgic for the days of chafed nipples and episiotomies?
2.68sOh, Somebody hasn't heard the news.