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0.97sand we'll deliver this baby.
1.52sThese don't feel like gloves at all.
1.8sThey feel like used needles.
2.7sBut this is where I always keep the gloves.
1.88sWell, Maybe if I dig deeper.
2.5sNope. Just feels like more needles.
2sWell, That's the craziest thing.
2.65sOh, Now I'm sure this isn't the glove drawer.
0.87sOh, My God!
1.53sWho's gonna deliver my baby?
2.14sHoney, do something!
2.84sWell, No baby. But it looks like Carol's blowing a bubble.
0.83sPeter, that's the head!
1.3sPush! Push!
1.67sI am! It won't go back in!
0.78sNot you, Peter!
1.93sCarol, push! Peter, you pull!
0.87sOh, My God!
1.52sWhat? What?
2.05sIt's a beautiful baby girl.
1.6sOoh, A baby girl.
2sI'm so happy.
1.48sBut she has a penis.
1.88sWell, We'll have to do something about that.
1.58sPeter, no! It's a boy!
1.67sWell, How do you like that?
1.33sHey there, little fella.
2.08sWelcome to the planet Earth.
1.47sCootchie, cootchie, cootchie, coo!