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2.5sLuke! They let you out of jail?
1.03sNot exactly.
1.54sHe broke out to see me, Brian.
1.6sWe're in love.
2.4sMeg, are you crazy? You can't harbor a fugitive! That's a felony!
1.45sOnly if someone finds out.
2.43sAre you gonna do it? Are you gonna tell on me again?
1.23sWell, I...
1.43sBrian, if you don't come back downstairs,
2.37sI am eating the slice of pie that was designated for you...
2.6sWait a second. Why is that guy wearing a prison jumpsuit?
1.6sThink, Peter, think.
1.97sWait. Hang on.
1.97sSunday... Sunday... Here it is.
2.95s"Peter gets more than he bargains for when he joins the rodeo..."
1.18sBoy, did I.
1.54s"...and Meg dates a prison escapee"!
2.15sOh, no. Luke, run!
1.87sJoe? It's Peter. Two things.
2.2sFirst of all, when I was over at your house the other day,
4.47sI forgot to tell you how much I like the rearrangement you and Bonnie did with your living room furniture. Second of all,