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7.37s(BED THUMPING FROM UPSTAIRS) Listen to that. Poor kid, banging her headboard into the wall out of frustration and loneliness.
2.47sProbably got her legs up in sadness.
5.84s(WATER RUNNING) Listen to her now, washing her face off in the sink after crying so much.
2.22sProbably got tears in her hair, poor thing.
1.87sI'll go up and talk to her.
2.6sAm I the only one who thinks she's getting fucked up there?
2.23sHey, Meg? You okay in there?
3.8s(RUSTLING NOISE) Uh, yeah. Come on in.
1.07sEverything all right?
1.57sYeah! Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
3.54sListen. I feel like I should explain myself a little bit here.
3.1sI'm sorry I had to tell Lois what was going on. You just...
2.4sYou gotta realize I was only thinking about your safety and...