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3.07sHe's all alone in there, and I'm all alone out here.
1.83sIn a way, we're both in prison.
1.62sWell, Meg, there's a big difference there.
2.74sHe's in prison for a reason. He broke the law!
4sHe robbed a convenience store to pay for medication for his mom.
3.17sOh, I'm sure he gave you a very convincing sob story, Meg.
2.7sIt's not a sob story! It's true!
2.17sOh, come on! You think I was born yesterday?
2.5sI've dated convicts. I know how they talk.
5.81sOne day they're promising you the world, the next day you're spitting balloons of heroin into their mouths during conjugal visits.
1.4sLuke doesn't do drugs!
3.6sFrankly, I don't care, Meg. I do not want you seeing him again!
0.78sI can't find the sweater.
1.8sHow the hell did you even meet him?
1.6sWe had a pen-pal project at school,
2.77sand when it was over, Luke and I just kind of kept writing to each other.
1.33sWell, it stops now!
1.7sBut, Mom, I love him!
1.1sIt stops now, Meg!
1.35sYour mother's right, Meg.
2.34sYou got to be careful who you get involved with romantically.
0.9sI'm in the mood for some coitus.
1.23sGet over here.
1.2sI can't. I'm with my family.
2.39sPick up wine on the way.