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2.75sOh, my God! Meg's involved with a convict!
4.44sWow, Meg's like one of those crazy chicks who hooks up with an even crazier guy.
2.53sBrian, you bastard! How could you do this to me?
1.93sI'm sorry, Meg. I had to tell them!
1.35sDon't give him crap for this, Meg.
2.37sHe did exactly the right thing by coming to us.
3.14sDon't you know what kind of fire you're playing with, dating a prisoner?
2sHold on, Lois. This is some serious parenting.
2.6sI'm gonna go put on my Cosby sweater.
4.34sMom, you don't understand! Luke and I really connect very deeply!
3.07sHe's all alone in there, and I'm all alone out here.
1.83sIn a way, we're both in prison.
1.62sWell, Meg, there's a big difference there.
2.74sHe's in prison for a reason. He broke the law!
4sHe robbed a convenience store to pay for medication for his mom.
3.17sOh, I'm sure he gave you a very convincing sob story, Meg.