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3.24sMaybe you bring a blazer so we can go to a wider range of restaurants.
1.77sI'll bring a blazer.
2.67sYou see this, Rupert? Most children build a sand castle.
3.8sBut I'm building a sand retreat for singles in their thirties.
3.4s(IN DEEP VOICE) Hi, I'm Jeremy. I work in corporate finance.
4.07s(IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Hi, I'm a French Canadian girl down here on my vacation.
3.4sIt's a big deal for me to be down here on my own.
2.07sI like the swimming pool with a bar in it,
3.14s'cause you can sit on a barstool and you're in the water.
3.74sI like how all the food and drink is included in the price of the ticket.
3.67sYeah, that way you don't have to bring your cash down from the room.
2.27sOkay, I was just looking for a friend of mine,
1.27sso maybe I'll see you later.
1.57sGood for you, Janine.
3.5sYou promised yourself you'd talk to somebody, and you did it.
1.53sBrian, what are you doing up there?
2.65sShh! I'm writing an article on teenage girls for a magazine.
2.33sI'm studying Meg to see what goes on during her day.