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2.13sI wrote for The New Yorker for a little while.
2.37sWow, that's impressive. Are you looking for work?
3.3s(CHUCKLES) Oh, no. No, no, no. I never have to look too far for that.
2.37s(STUTTERING) What do you got?
5.04sWell, we're looking for someone to write a piece on the everyday activities of the average American teenage girl.
3.1sOh, I love teenage girls. It's all ahead of them, you know?
1.53sThey haven't turned into bitches yet.
3.77s(SIGHS) It's true. What happened to all of us?
2.45sI got a house on the Cape. Maybe you come visit.
1.4s(WEAKLY) Maybe.
3.24sMaybe you call a few days in advance to give me time to get the house clean.
3.24sMaybe you bring a blazer so we can go to a wider range of restaurants.
1.77sI'll bring a blazer.
2.67sYou see this, Rupert? Most children build a sand castle.
3.8sBut I'm building a sand retreat for singles in their thirties.
3.4s(IN DEEP VOICE) Hi, I'm Jeremy. I work in corporate finance.
4.07s(IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Hi, I'm a French Canadian girl down here on my vacation.
3.4sIt's a big deal for me to be down here on my own.