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2.9sThe only reason I'm here is 'cause my idiot friend is in the rodeo.
2.44sI only came 'cause I'm writing a magazine article.
3.24sOne of the competitors is a 13-year-old female riding prodigy.
1.87sApparently she got on the bull to miscarry,
2.2sand found out she had a talent for it.
1.2sANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
5.02sgive an indifferent East Coast welcome to the newest bull rider, Peter the Kid!
5.82s(SCREAMS) You know what I am back at the ranch? I'm a breeding bull.
1.8s(STAMMERING) What's that?
1.67sYou gonna find out.
2.3sWhere you going, fatty? We gonna have a party!
2.29s(SCREAMING) No!
3.1sNo! No! No! No!
1.5sSo, what magazine do you write for?
1.8sI'm the editor for Teen People.
3.6sEditor? Wow. Gosh, you know, I'm something of a writer myself.
2.13sI wrote for The New Yorker for a little while.