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3.44sWhat kind of birdhouse can you build with Popsicles, roofies and a mallet?
3.6sIt's for a rare African bird called nunya business.
2.18sHi, Meg. Can I help you?
1.6sHands in the air, Goldman!
1.7sOh, my God! What are you doing?
1.88s- Give me your money! - Here! Here!
2.3sJust take this jar for the leukemia kids.
1.75sI don't give it to them anyhow.
1.15sMeg, put down the gun.
1.6sBrian, get back in the car!
3.44sLook, don't do this. This isn't you, Meg.
2.17sWhat happened to the girl we used to know?
1.62sThe one that Luke fell in love with?
3.5sThe one he's expecting to see when he steps out of that prison in 40 years?
2.4sI don't care about Luke. I don't need him.
1.25sI don't need anyone!
1.5sLook, if you don't put the gun down,
1.63sI'm gonna be forced to call the police.
2.47sGood! Call the police! I want you to!
1.95sWhat do I care if I go back to prison?
1.87sNobody cares about me anyway!
1.42sYou're wrong, Meg.
1.62sI wanna show you something.