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2.94sMeg? Honey? I did all your laundry.
2.32sOh, my God! What is that smell?
1.15sIt's my poop bucket.
1.3sWhat the hell?
1.83sI'm used to going to the bathroom in my room.
3.9sThat's disgusting! No, you use the toilet here like everyone else!
1.93sGod! It smells horrible!
2.33sWell, can you at least empty it each time you use it?
2.9sI like to fill it up. I'm not making a million trips.
3.5sOh, my God! Are you using my shirts as toilet paper?
3.57sYeah. And I think I might need some right now.
2.34sGet out now or stay and get weird.
1.8sYour call, warden.
1.68sHey, who's the new dude?
3.8sOh, my God! That's Meg Griffin! She just got out of prison!
3.2sHey, Meg, what'd they put you in jail for? Being ugly?
5.16s(ALL LAUGHING) Hey, Meg, what happened? Did you get out early for fat behavior?
2.64sNice tattoo. Did you get your butt hair braided, too,