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2.37sI'm not gonna lie down for some frat-boy bastard...
2.49swith his damn Teva sandals and his Skoal Bandits...
2.76sand his Abercrombie & Fitch long-sleeved, open-stitched...
2.83screw-neck Henley smoking his sticky buds out ofa soda can...
3.2swhile watching his favorite downloaded Simpsons episodes every night!
3.37sYes, we all love Mr. Plow. You've got the song memorized, do you?
1.19sSo does everyone else!
3.53sThat is exactly the kind of idiot you see at Taco Bell at 1:00 in the morning.
2.73sThe guy who just whiffed his way down the bar-skank ladder.
1.26sGood night, Stewie.
2.06sIf he wants to throw hands, I'll throw hands.
1.49sItell you....
2.56sHey! Neil and Cecilia.
1.52sI didn't expect to see you here.