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0.99sMEG: What?
1.83sYep, all you gotta do is sign this contract.
3.7sAre you out of your mind? You can't sell me, you fat son ofa bitch!
2.43sWhoa! Careful getting this fish off the hook, Mort.
1.59sShe's got some fangs.
2.8sWhat do you think of that, Neil? Daddy bought you a girlfriend.
3.87sExcuse me. If anybody is interested, I already have a girlfriend.
1.83sThere's no way.... Wait, what?
1.23sYou ready to go, honey?
3.27sYou rejected me too many times, Meg. I couldn't wait for you forever.
3.63sBesides, Cecilia thinks my psoriasis is sexy.
1.43sI can't believe he's over me.
2.33sI can't believe I'm out $34,000.
1.99sI can't believe it's not butter.
1.99sStick around. More Family Guy coming up.
2.73sPeter, how could you have tried to sell our daughter?
4.1sAll right, Lois, I don't want this to ruin our date night, so I'll make it up to you.
1.43sOh, Peter.
2.56s"I'm sorry I tried to sell our daughter."
2.87sYeah, you don't know how hard it was to find one of those in English.