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2.54sWhat the hell is this dirt pile we're building anyhow?
3.24sNone of your beeswax, slave. You'll find out soon enough.
3.92sjust focus on globbing that mud! Glob!
3.22sI'm no good at being a slave. I'm thinkin' about graduate school.
2.84sYou know, to become a barber. This can't go on.
2.19sToday is the day we fight back!
2sIt's already 10:00.
3.34sOh, you're right. Tomorrow is the day we fight back.
1.8sYeah, well, good luck, sister.
2.4sAll our modern technology is useless.
2.87sI know I am.
2.12sHey, wait. I'm having one of those things.
2sYou know, a headache with pictures.