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2.84sHe shut you up, O'Connor.
2.49sMr. Waterfall, you may now present arguments...
1.94son behalf of Dr. Zoidberg.
1.8sOh, God, I'm nervous.
2.07sTwo of my three hearts are having attacks.
3.74sCourt's kinda fun when it's not my ass on the line.
1.67sOh, Land o' Goshen.
3.29sYour Honors, I'm not some slick, big-city lawyer...
2.64slike my opponent here.
3.04sBut I am a veteran who has fought for his planet.
1.7sYou see this hand of mine?
0.57sYes, I do.
2.74sNo, you don't, 'cause I lost my real hand...
2.72splantin' the flag when we took back Halley's Comet.
4.14sYet it was worth it. So much do I love that flag.
3.12sI love it even more than I love my seven wives.